Shooting with the Sony Prime: SEL35F18 Lens

It was a question of what’s more I wanted to achieve. A question of what’s more bearable, a question of was it now or later. If you were like me, who couldn’t decide what lense’s best for your camera, I feel you. Yes, it was complicated. It wasn’t as complicated as finding your right one but, definitely, it shouldn’t be thought overnight. Camera lenses are not budget friendly, so, careful consideration must be made before grabbing one.

Know what you want

It has always been my concern, during my Sundays’ assignment, to shoot in low light condition. Although, the Sony Alpha 6000, worked exceedingly with the kit lense, I’m not satisfied with the grains I saw with my output. Yes, a post processing in Lightroom can handle that, but for me, it would be more convenient if I can use the photo straight out of the camera. With the current low light settings at the Feast, a Catholic group gathering, it would be much better if I can have a lense to match with that condition. That was what I always wanted to achieve, quality pictures taken in darker settings.

The prime lens

The Sony E-Mount lens 35mm F1.8 OSS (SEL35F18) is one of Sony E-mount lenses which has the biggest aperture but it’s a bit pricey compared with the 50mm F1.8 OSS (SEL50F18). Many preferred the former over the latter, even if it was priced 7K higher than the Php16,000 price of the 50mm. I admit that I can’t fully understand the effect of the 35mm focal length over the 50mm focal length, yet. But, I think I’d prefer the 35mm, as well, and trust my instinct that it would, indeed, be better.

Identify your priority

However, as a newbie, I was quite shy to move closer to the stage, where, most of the subjects were positioned. I was afraid I might distract the hundreds of people hearing the mass or listening to the talk. That’s what lead me to my second question. Should I prioritize the zooming capability over the low light functionality? I used to work with bridge camera, it’s that unit with exaggerating zoom features. I can shoot as far as the moon. Hence, I knew how would this be the lens for me. But, what was more bearable? Just shoot from afar, without anyone knew you’re stealing shots, but, only focus at the stage where the light was. Can you take it having limited options? Or went over the prime lens where you can move around the theater, taking shots of anything worth taking, but, at the same time getting attentions that you didn’t want? Anyone can see you sliding through the stage to get a better angle of the speaker, or while in the heart of the talk, you were there in the middle getting your good shot. Awkward, right?

The telephoto or zoom lens

The Sony E-Mount lense 55-210mm F4.5-6.3 OSS (SEL55210) is one of the common zoom E-mount lenses used in A6000. Its price is currently tagged at 19,000Php. While, checking the sample pictures from the net, it made me confused which lens shall I get. Still, it was because of me wanting not to get too much attention.

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Take action

Should it really be now? I just recently got the A6000, so, spending for a new lens will mean shelling out new funds. I knew I have to stop thinking about it. But, what kept on bugging me was I knew, one day, I’m going to get a new lens. If that will be the case, why would I delay the possible benefits I might get now, when, whatever happens, I’ll still get it anyways. Later, though. 🙂

Glad I made my decision sooner than later

On September 27, 2015, for the benefits of one of the Feast’s family who have suffered loss, a mini concert was held. Concert photography, I think, is one of the challenging photography works. Lights are inconsistent. Colors are clashing everywhere. Despite those, this is, in my opinion, a better way to get me trained. That was it. That has provided me all the answers that I needed, my trigger. It will be better now than later, to get the top recommendation, the Sony E-mount 35mm F1.8

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It feels great to have finally ended my search. It was a perfect lens for a perfect event. This prime lens really delivered. I can say I was very satisfied with the results. Even, without the post processing, the results were acceptable. I don’t care if I have to move and get closer with my subjects. If I can produce better results with that, then so be it. Anyways, if I’d be serious with this venture, I’ll have to learn to develop more of my personality and be more confident. And soon, I knew my works will follow. For a while, I’ll just keep on shooting.

The darker settings
(I’ll promise, I’ll get back to this, all photos taken at the low light settings during the concert were submitted for posting in our page.
Updated: I hope I’d give justice to the pictures. No post processing is made yet except the watermarks. Having this kind of shot was not possible with my SX50. That’s why, this lens was a plus for me.)

The brighter settings
Note: The following pictures are not intended for any purposes but for blogging purposes only.


Pick the lens that will suit your needs and you would never go wrong with the choices you’ve made. That’s what will teach you. That’s what will complement you. That’s what will complete you.

Just as excited as you are, Emilie


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