Finding My New Partner: Sony A6000

The Desire

Ever since I assumed to be a photographer, ahaha, that sounds great, I was constantly asking my husband to get me a new camera. Though, my heart is pushing it, my mind kept on blocking it. It musn’t be my priority. There are far more important things than this new camera. Nevertheless, I kept on checking for my prospects.

Finding the best camera was not an easy task. Especially, if you are like me who doesn’t have any idea about the latest digital camera trends. I have been eyeing for cameras with great reviews but, of course, with considerations of the following:

Camera that can give me great depth of field
Can shoot in low light
Can take pictures of moving subjects
All of these specifications that will fit within my budget and additional factors but with not so much of consideration, it being handy and has wi-fi capability.

The Choices

There are a lot of cameras that offered me these specs but I have to stress about my budget constraint. I must say, it’s stressful. Often times, I cannot make up my mind. I never had any experience with DSLR cameras nor with any mirrorless cameras. I only tried the point and shoot and the bridge camera. That’s why it was really a tough decision for me. Add the fact that I must be satisfied with whatever unit I have to buy because my husband cannot forgive me if one day I’ll say to him, again, that I didnt like the one that I’ve got. I will be dead. 🙂 The last camera I purchased in 2013 was the Canon SX50HS, which by the way I’m currently selling. Put it in your comments if you’re interested.

My initial preferences were as follows, mainly because their prices were within my budget, and my target unit was a digital single-lens reflex (DSLR). Besides, one of them is one of the best entry-level DSLRs in 2015. But, during my early canvassing period, I begun to love the mirrorless type of cameras. Hence, I easily set these options aside.

Nikon D3300 – The package with 18-55mm kit lens costs Php20,000.
Canon EOS  60D – The package with 18-55mm kit lens costs Php33,500.

These were the following mirrorless cameras that I have considered:

Fujifilm XT1 – This camera has awesome reviews. As expected, great camera features came with a big price. That was way too much for me. Aside that I can’t afford it, now, and even if I can afford it, I will think twice before I grab it. (Me: Really?) Hence, I never really paid too much attention. Just, checking its features in the net everyday (That wasn’t too frequent, anyways). Or, if I had a chance, I’ll visit a store to check it. Hehe. (My other me: You’re really not interested? Sounds the other way around, though 🙂 ). But, kidding aside,  if you care for a full frame camera, you might want to consider this. The last promo price I checked, with 18-55mm kit lens, was Php75,990, if to be charged thru your credit card.

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Fujifilm XT10 – This is really my first choice. However, the photographer world is shouting with one voice, that, if you can extend your budget, get an XT1 instead. Don’t get me wrong, this has one of the best reviews that I’ve checked. What kept me undecided, was the thought that i might want to upgrade, sooner, then regret this decision. This was priced at Php40,990, with its basic kit lens of 16-50mm.

Fujifilm XM1 – Just in time with my reviewing period, its price dropped almost 40%. That’s why this got me curious and stole my attention. But, still, that didn’t convince me. Reviews still pointed me back to my first choice. This is also an inter changeable lense camera. The price was at P18,990 with 27mm F2.8.

Sony A6000 – I didn’t pay much attention to this camera as much attention as I have spent with my Fujifilm choices. This was labeled as the world’s fastest auto focus system of any inter-changeable lense camera. That sounded promising especially for me who doesnt have much experience in photography. I checked the price, with 16-50mm kit lens, it’s at Php39,990.

Product comparison XT1 vs XT10 vs A6000

The Motivation

My Sundays were usually spent at The Feast. This is a weekly Catholic gathering of the Light of Jesus family. Just recently, I joined the media ministry, where I can work as a back-up photographer. The church’s setting was dark and most of the subjects were moving. At first, I was ok with my bridge camera. I can shoot Father, the priest, well, because he’s more steady. I can stole some good shots with the Builder, our preacher, when he’s quite still with his position. But, when the band started playing and the lights started dancing, that’s when the frustration came. I cannot shoot  in low light. Motion blurs were already guaranteed. I was sure there were good moments that I failed to capture. That was really frustrating.

With this, I made the decision. I like to expand my work, more. I want to capture more special moments. And, I could probably do it with the help of a new unit. So, with my husband’s consent, I chose the Sony Alpha 6000, the small yet terriffic camera.


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As of this writing, I used it once and I can really spell the difference. I can now shoot in low light. I can now shoot people dancing and singing and praising. I was no longer frustrated. I felt I was a professional photographer already because of shooting thru the viewfinder. Ahaha. It may take a while but I’m already excited for the things that I can still discover with this buddy. Cheers for more photography experience.

These are my starter photos. I hope one day my works will be far better than these.


The Realization

I just want to include my realization, here. That, when you serve the Lord, it wasn’t just really for Him,  it’s actually for us, as well. For us to continue to learn, to grow, to develop and to fulfill our purpose. And, this photography experience is making me go through those. Learning. Growing. Fulfilling.

Have a great shooting.



4 thoughts on “Finding My New Partner: Sony A6000

  1. Adrian says:

    Hi Emilie,

    How’s the a6000 treating you? I initially wanted to get the a6000 but the XT10 is making my decision to purchase a camera really hard..

    Right now I’m thinking of getting the xt10 with a 35mm f2, for the same price I can get an a6k with 2 – 3 sigma lenses; Initially the plan was to get the a6000 with the sigma 19 2.8, 30 2.8, and 60 2.8. but mann ohh man that fuji does look really nice.



    • emiliebombita says:

      Hi Adrian,
      I was having the same dilemma as yours before and making that decision was not easy. I feel you. Now, I am satisfied with my A6000. I think, I made the right decision. Though, I bought the 35mm and the 55-210mm lenses, to appreciate it more.
      This is my camera. Hope you also find yours.


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