How To Manage Your Tasks

Lately, I was so pre-occupied that it took a while before I had this next entry. On the other hand, that’s what also pushed me to write about the topic.

Daddy, already started his ladderized schooling program. As his wife, I have no better things to do but to support him. We’re both busy doing tons of his assignments. Stories at work were no different. There were too many things that just need to be completed. Sometimes, we found it hard to manage all those things, all at the same time. Most often than not, no matter how much we want to accomplish things, our brain just don’t function. Assignments, issues at work, emails, paper works, deadlines, they will all mix up and will just keep circling in your brain. Until, at the end of the day, none of these things have been taken cared of. The wanna be productive you will just be a thought and will never be a reality. The result? A series of unaccomplished things, both at home and at work.

That’s why to help us declutter of these to do things, I’ve searched the web for tips. I’ve found a lot of secrets, but, I think we only need the basic steps to handle our concerns. Sometimes, the simplest solutions can do the work.


1. Have a list of all your To Do things. Keep them calendared. Know your priorities. Know your target date for each of the tasks. Before you start the next day, better have your activities planned the night before the big day. When tomorrow comes, go through your list, one at a time. You’ll be shocked that your yesterday’s worries will all be the things in your past.

2. Organize your desk/workspace. Having an organized desk not only help you work more comfortably, but it helps you keep your focus. The more things you see on your desk, the more pressure you get from yourself, the more your tendency to get lost and be back to basic, all tasks being wound up.

3. Delegate. Having someone who can lend a hand is glorious. Instead of sweating with the small things, you can already start with the big stuff. It’s also good to know that you are not alone facing these piles of things. A pat in your back or a little motivation from your group can do the trick.

4. Stay focus. Turn off electronics. Though, we just put our gadgets on the side, while our troops are training, hehe, this tends us to lose our focus. Getting back to what we are doing will eat another minutes of our time. Worse, you no longer want to continue. Gadgets have their advantage but this time it is more disadvantageous to keep it on our side. If we are serious about completing our tasks, it maybe best to set them aside, for now.

5. Appreciate. At the end of the day, recognize the things that get done. However, do not fret, if it turned out otherwise.  Do not stress over what you didn’t accomplish. Just look at the brighter side. This will help you feel better, sleep better and be more prepared for tomorrow’s challenges. It needs more than will, it requires good attitude.

As one of the best lessons I heard, exaggerated but true, “How are you going to eat the elephant?”. The answer? Just like how are you going to eat your chicken, part by part, bits by bits.

Happy decluttering! 🙂



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