Things To Do When You Didn’t Get The Promotion You’re Waiting

Our much awaited date has come. It’s the end of June. What does it mean to us? Being an employee, no words are more beautiful than a merit increase and a promotion.

Prior to this day, my Team Lead gave me no assurance that I will be promoted but he believed in the “Law of Attraction”. You attract whatever you think, either bad or good. It does not mean anything but part of me wanted it, of course. But, I doubted. I know that’s a very small chance. I still pray, though.

We were excited. We were waiting for the envelope. That will show us how much our rate would have increased and if we have the big letter “P”. Everyone is watching our boss’ move. Just when everyone thought he’s already getting the envelope from our Group Head’s office,  it turned out he was just going to the rest room and on to another meeting. Hours were moving so slow. Until, finally, the wait was over. It was handed to us.

My feeling was confirmed. No promotion for me this year. I am happy for my increase. Happy for my colleagues who got promoted, as well. But, honestly, I wish I was one of them. Cause, just like, what everyone working for a company, always said, I think I have performed way too well and deserve more than an increase. I was disappointed. I was sad for myself. On my 3-year stay in the company, I think, this is my best performance, so far (I’m exaggerating 🙂 ). But, I guess, no one really knows how eveything was gauged. Or was it really the 2 year promotion interval period? If that was so, why would it be possible in the other unit? Was I even recommended at all? Or I was, but has been disapproved  by HR? Was I being too proud to think that it could be possible because my performance rating was more than satisfactory? I was too shy to open up about it. Nonetheless, I could no longer change their decision. All I have to do now is do my job, at my best, then wait for another year and see if things will turn out otherwise.

For a while, these are the things to do when you didn’t get the promotion you’re waiting.

1. Appreciate more

Celebrate like you’ve been promoted as well. Find another reason to celebrate. As for me, I got an increase to my basic rate. It may help to list down, even smaller things. You’ll realize you have more than enough reasons to thank for. Go through the list, over and over again until the pain is no longer hurting. Until, you’re no longer sad because of feeling deprived, of the injustice. Ahaha.

2. Work smarter.

My personal reactions, before, were to update my resume immediately. Go through different head hunters site then submit a few applications. There were times, I will be too lazy to get up in the morning. I couldn’t lift my back off from the bed. As if going to work is a torture for me. Worse, I would have my resignation letter ready and print it right away when needed. Ahaha.
But, now, I realized it won’t help if I lose my interest at work. It is not my boss who will suffer. Yeah, part of it probably, but most of it, the effect will be in me. I won’t be happy. It will be reflected to me, both inside and out, until others around are already affected as well. Probably, it’s my age that changed the way I’ve handle this.

My recommendation would be, maybe, you could try this time, not to overwork, if possible. Have more time for yourself. Be more conscious of your shift schedule. Leave the office on time (I’m guilty of this 🙂 ). Spend your remaining hours building relationships outside office. Anyways, success is not defined by one’s position but by the relationships that you have built.

3. Love more

Love your work more. Love your bosses more. By loving more, you’ll understand more. You’ll learn to accept that not all things can be controlled. Focus not on the problems rather on the possibilities.

Think these things through. If it happened to me years ago, I would have reacted violently but now, yes, I was sad, but, life has to move on. Divert your focus to something more beautiful. More extravagant things may happen, more than you can imagine.

Here’s a snaphot of what I have for my celebration. I rarely ordered steak but I did and matched it with margaritas. Solved! Everyone’s happy.





God bless. Let’s be the best employee!

Photo Credits to Unsplash Photographers. 🙂



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