My Work In Progress

I recently discovered that I want to get into photography. Not because I took great pictures, but, thanks to this age that even if you’re not a great photographer, you can easily turn boring, dull, vintage and non-dramatic image into something that worth a thousand likes in social media. I’m too far from that figure, though. It has really influenced me to at least try. Never doubt that one day, I could not only learn how to do the best editing but more importantly, I would finally learn the art of taking great images. Where even a trash can be a masterpiece. Or, a dot on a small canvass can have a story to tell. Can’t grip my excitement here. Hehe.

I only have my phone and a Canon Powershot SX-50HS for now. But, that won’t hold me to continue taking shots. So please, if you see me looking for an angle with my device, never hesitate to stop and take a pose for me. I would love to have you in my compilation.

E di waw! 🙂


Until my next work. 🙂



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