Buffet or Lesson 101?

Email received. The subject suddenly caught my attention, because, unlike other emails, this one is an invitation. Not the usual newsgram, a branch advisory neither an error in Production. I immediately open it and read:

Event: Team Lunch
When: June 10, 2015
Where: Buffet 101 in Glorietta, Makati City

Wow! Buffet lunch! What’s with June, actually? 🙂


Welcome to Buffet 101. They said they are the longest buffet table in the Philippines. Yeah, right. It almost hinders me to blog this one. I was hesitant. I felt I couldn’t take great pictures with this set-up. I was overwhelmed. Lost on how I could make things look better.

But how things turned out differently? Walk with me as I narrate how I got the inspiration.


I was going back and forth. Thinking. Not of what to eat but whether to take pictures or not. Until, I came across this seafood table. Are they talking to me? “Why don’t you take our pictures? It’s a very rare occassion where you can see us all, gathered in front of you? Not only us, but these bunch of beautiful and colorful dishes.” Hmmm…I swished out the thought and just proceeded to the next table.


It didn’t help. The Clam Chowder and the Seafood Tomato Rice in Crab Shell dragged me more. I love how perfectly they were baked.


This cute teapot made me think again.


But, still, I continued, disregarding the thought. I went straight to the Japanese food section, looking over the sushis and the sashimis . It didn’t make it easier.


I ended up with this set, went back to our table and feeling determined that I’d probably do the blog some other time.


Oops, but, I need to get a drink. If you’re going to visit the place, you’ll definitely find your choice with their selections. Sodas, juice, shakes, coffee, if you’re that type of a drinker, and of course, if you need a little alcohol to wash your food, draft beer is also available.

I ordered the kamias fruit shake. Yes, you’ve read it right. Kamias! Believe it or not, I liked this one more over the watermelon or the buko shake.


While waiting for my fruitshake, I have to do a little maneuver, moving left and right at the dessert stations. To the Candy Bar. Then, as if someone threw a stone at me and it hit me.  I’ll just need to capture this moment. Nobody was pressuring me. Who cares if my pictures weren’t great. Who cares if my story wasn’t entertaining. The more important thing was once in my life I have a memory that I dined with these people. That I have something to look back, may it be blurred or disproportional. This entry will help me remembered.


So I took out my phone and continue to take pictures.


These dishes are two of my favorites.


Where the Chinese dines. 🙂


Learning to love American….food? 🙂


How about salads?




Craving for Italian?


How about being traditional Filipino?


Would you have hot coffee or cold yogurt after meal?


Wondering about their rates?


I may not like some of their foods but I’m taking one of my lessons in life. Your life will always depend on the choices you made.

Enjoy eating.

Buffet 101 at the New Glorietta
3rd Floor, Glorietta 2, Ayala Center, Makati



One thought on “Buffet or Lesson 101?

  1. yzero8 says:

    nice photos 🙂 Thanks for sharing. I love the food here, specially the raw foods-salads and seafoods…. yummmm!!!!


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