“Safe Residences” in Alabang


I usually go shopping, which I think, is one of the things girls love most. Did I say window shopping? Present. That’s what I do. I’m one of those who frequently visits online shopping sites and check for best deals. When sometimes, I couldn’t help, I will give in and let the credit card company stripped me with another bill. Oh! Oh! Oh!

This weekend staycation deal was bought from one of my favorites, in Deal Grocer. As early as March,  I have been stalking out deal for Max’s birthday on June 05. Eventually, I decided to grab the overnight stay in Azumi Boutique Hotel. That was for the price of 3700+. Unfortunarely, breakfast is not included but it would be discounted for voucher holders like us.


The voucher said it will be a sleek garden room. I didn’t expect that much. Usually, as long as the kids can enjoy the pool, and within the budget, then I’ll grab it. But, seeing our room with veranda, it just awed us. I love the green patch over it. Obviously, the kids love it, as well. They found their own playground.


The room design is simple but despite being like that, there’s something inside that makes it different. Orange you gonna like it? Ahaha. The orange did it. It did what it has to do, it gave color.


The room is glass walled, from the CR thru the “belcony”…ahaha. That’s how Maggie said it. Don’t worry, blinds are available to keep you hidden, in case.


Those I have mentioned, make this one unique, compared to our other experiences. But then, I will stop there. I don’t need to compare more as according to the book that I’m reading, “making comparisons can spoil your happiness.”  I just want to say that, there has to be more. Anyways, we don’t need to think of anything but to enjoy.

Maggie and Maxine weren’t affected at all. Seeing smiles on their faces makes all worth it.


The swimming pool is in the penthouse, at the 17th floor. Unlike the usual pool that we know, this is filled with saltwater. I didn’t get the chance to ask the staff why it is like that but when I asked my dear husband about it, his reply impressed me. According to him, instead of chlorine, salt keeps the pool clean and sanitized. It caused oxygen depletion in water resulting to less living micro organisms. Less bacteria, in short. Excuse my knowledge about the subject 🙂 Whatever it is, doesn’t matter. Nothing can stop them, anyways.



The bathroom, overlooking Alabang-Zapote road.

We availed the buffet breakfast offer in the hotel at a discounted rate of 350/ head. The kids got 50% discount. Okay was the right word to say.


There wouldn’t be a better word for their service, but great. Yeah, it was. The room was clean, as well. Maybe because of the Ecocarat tiles that absorb moisture, odor and toxins. So, that’ll balance out. I could rate them 3 out of 5. All in all, it was a great family day in this South’s prized gems, the “safe residences” Azumi located in Alabang.


Azumi Boutique Hotel
2205 Market St, Muntinlupa, Metro Manila
(02) 869 9888



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