We are out for lunch: VIKINGS


Since, it’s June (ano naman?) and Mareng Joi is already back from her maternity leave and a promotion is coming, ahaha, we decided to gorge ourselves on a festive lunch. Huwow! We’re out of our usual packed lunch. Suddenly, diet is an unfamiliar word to us.


Vikings, here we go. Prepare to get raid. Who couldn’t be excited? Just the thought of roasted lamb, roasted beef, roasted chicken and roasted whatever, makes me drool. What more if they are just in front of me ready to be munched.

imageimageimageimage imageimageimage imageimage

But, too much food selection got me overwhelmed. Good thing, this tofu dish satisfied my appetite (weh?). Of course, I lied. I have tried almost everything, just a bit, though.


This place is a perfect choice for groups with different taste preferences. May it be Filipino, or Chinese, or Japanese, or Italian, or American, they are all available on the table.

Not to mention, the overflowing drinks, even, draft beer.


And, what did you say you need? Dips? Sauces? Condiments? Spices? Soups?


If you are up for the sweet treats, you’ll also never get out of choices. Just make sure that your sugar level won’t spike, hihi :).


If you’re not into food and you just wanted to look around, I guess, you’ll pretty much like it, as well. Hehe. Love their lights, their colors and even their sink.


I have no doubt you’ll also like to visit. You can check their rates here.

Site: http://vikings.ph/
SM Jazz Mall, Metropolitan Avenue Cor. Nicanor Garcia St., Makati
891-3888, 891-4888


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