Wanna Be!


Late bloomer, as they say. Am I like that? I just couldn’t figure. Lately, there are so many things going inside my mind. So many things that I wanted to try. So much, that I hope, one day I could be better than what I am now. Because most of the things I have in mind, I have no idea how to properly do them. That’s why, most of my free time, I spent them googling the internet, reading and checking other people’s blog and watching how to do videos. But, oh my, oh my, there’s too much information. I got so overwhelmed that despite all these resources, I still couldn’t figure what should be done first.

Then, I thought maybe I should start with my To Do Things. This way, I can be properly guided on how I can achieve them, one at a time. They are not in chronological order, all of them, I wanted to go further.

See things differently. Capture things unusually.

Write interesting things. Write interestingly.

Design my own web. Have it known.

Conceptualizing. Building. Managing. Serving.

Part of the business conceptualization.

Lessons 101. Kids development.

There they are. Now, it’s clearer. Next step I need to do? Probably, look into the details.

What can you suggest? Somewhat, they’re related. But, I know I have to focus and know what’s my priority. Good luck to me. 🙂


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